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Realtor Resources

This page is provided for the convenience of the realtors that are doing business or interested in the Deerwood community.


The exclusive residential community of Deerwood, consisting of 950 deeded lots, is located in Jacksonville, Fla. Visit the "What's Nearby" feature to access the map and learn more about the areas surrounding our community. This map displays businesses, schools, shopping and other attractions convenient to the neighborhood.


The Deerwood community has thousands of mature trees lining its country style lanes, numerous lakes and ponds, and strategically placed parks and traffic islands all meticulously landscaped. The 3-acre playground and park, including basketball courts and covered pavilion, are open to ALL residents from dawn to dusk.

Deerwood Country Club

Deerwood is also home to the private, member-owned Deerwood Country Club. The Deerwood Country Club is one of Florida's oldest country clubs, offering top-notch amenities including a 25,000 square foot Clubhouse, a 72-Par golf course, a junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, a full-service fitness center and state of the art tennis facility. Visit the Deerwood Country Club's website to learn more about their facilities and membership.

Community Documents

Governing documents for the Deerwood community can be easily and efficiently purchased online. Click here to access a full list of all available documents.


Advertising Opportunities

Online property listings for Deerwood are available to Realtors. Listings include, houses for sale, houses for lease/rent and lots for sale in Deerwood.

Business advertisements are also available on the website and in the quarterly Deerwood newsletter.

Combine these and receive special savings!


Realtor Procedures and Guidelines

  • All agents must present to the Access Control officer on duty a photo business card, valid Florida Realtor License, or a business card, and Florida Driver's License.
  • All clients must be accompanied by a qualified real estate agent or broker.
  • Agents desiring to visit or show an occupied home must receive pre-authorized clearance from the owner or resident prior to an appointment.
  • Realtors/brokers desiring to show an unoccupied (vacant) home or merely perform a drive through of the various areas of The Deerwood Country Club are requested to state this intention to the on-duty Access Control officer upon entering the property.
  • Caravans: When organizing a caravan at Deerwood, it is recommended that the coordinating agent contact Access Control prior to the event to assure timely access into Deerwood.
  • Open House:
    • Open house showings are held between the hours of 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.
    • Prior to the open house date, the agent is to supply Access Control with the address of the home and a minimum of ten (10) maps.
    • The agent will also provide Access Control with a list of pre-approved names attending the open house.
    • If a guest arrives at the gate whose name is not on the list, Access Control will call the home for authorization. If the home is vacant, the agent must provide Access Control with a cell number to call for authorization. Each person must be approved by the owner or the realtor via phone if their name is not on the list, or they will be denied entry.

Signage Restrictions

In accordance with the DIA Covenants and Restrictions and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), all realtor and/or owner signs must meet the following criteria. Any signs not meeting these criteria will be removed by Access Control. The criteria used for the sign are standard for a number of gated communities in our area and therefore should not place a burden on realtors.

  • See signage specifications for exact dimensions, style and other pertinent information. This should be printed and taken to your sign company.
  • If you do not have a sign company, the following companies are familiar with the sign dimensions and colors: Matt Broadus Signs (396-6950), Mail Masters Printing & Signs (285-9129) and Giglio Signs (396-9046).
  • One "Open House," "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign of approved size and colors may be posted on the property of the address being advertised. It may be smaller but not larger.
    • A sign no more than 4" x 10" may be attached at the top of the sign for the realtor's name and telephone number. It may be smaller but not larger.
    • Signs no more than 4" x 10" may be attached to the bottom of the sign for "Contract Pending,"


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