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Access Control Officers Duties and Responsibilities

Access Control Officers are employed by First Coast Security and under contract with Deerwood Improvement Association (DIA).

Their primary responsibility is to provide controlled entry to The Deerwood Community. All Officers have a minimum of a Florida Class D Security Officer License, licensed by the State of Florida. All Access Control Officers at this location are unarmed, not to be confused with Armed Security Officers at some other locations.

The Officers assigned to Patrol Services, provide a 24 hours roaming patrol of the property. These Patrol Officers are Supervisors and vested with the authority to make limited business decisions. Their duties include “Observe, Report and Assist” whenever possible during various situations in the community.

Officers are available, by special contract, for private parties with parking assistance or crowd control. This is under a special contractual agreement with the individual homeowner and First Coast Security and separate from the contract with DIA.

Patrol Officers do provide a House Check Service, to residents. This involves checking the property to make sure it is secure and free from any visible water breaks. This service does not include such things as watering plants, removing mail / parcels or turning on lights.

Patrol Officers monitor workers for rule compliance.

Patrol Officers have no arrest powers and will not be placed in a dangerous situation.

All Supervisors are First Aid, CPR or AED Certified. However, the Officers do not have training in the area of assisting a resident who has fallen.

Patrol Officers are not Animal Control Officers and have had no formal training with wild or domestic animals. Officers are discouraged from any interaction with animals, so please do not request this service.

Patrol Officers respond to assist, if needed, to emergency responses from the Sheriff’s Office or Jacksonville Fire and Rescue.


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