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For more detailed instructions, log into the DIA website and click the HELP button or go to the HELP menu.

If you have additional questions regarding authorizing guests:
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Guest Access

For the safety and security of our community, guests must be pre-authorized or they could be denied access. Deerwood residents can authorize guests using one of three convenient methods:

By visiting the Guest Access website at Deerwood residents can authorize/de-authorize visitors online. The Guest Access website is a secure proprietary web based system that utilizes a separate website and unique login.

Residents can pre-authorize a visitor by sending an email to [email protected]. Enter the visitors name and authorized date in the subject line of the email. This method uses the resident's Guest Access account email address for authorization.

This automated system allows residents to admit a guest by dialing (904) 642-1604. The system uses the resident's Guest Access account telephone number or assigned four digit PIN number for authorization.

Need Assistance?

Residents can find additional information and more detailed instructions regarding all three of the guest authorization methods after logging into the DIA website. If you do not find the information you are looking for, or have any questions regarding login, PIN or usage of any of the Guest Access methods, please contact Access Control. As personnel may not always be able to pick up the voice line at the gatehouse (904-642-1633), residents are advised to use the online contact form.


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